The Pack

Friday, 6 February 2015

Will You?

I know that you will get lost. I know that you will reach more than one dead ends and the cold rough ocean waters will cut your skin and pierce your heart. I am very well aware that you will have a hard time staying afloat for my mind is a storm in itself and it plagues the sea of love that you have fallen into. My mind is a maze and you will have a trouble exiting it. My heart and soul are a stranded lonely island surrounded by storms and jagged crags on all sides. I need you to keep your faith. Box it up inside your heart and don’t let it escape. I promise I will guide you through the intricate maze maze that my mind is and save you from all the demons that lurk around its corner. I promise when you emerge from the cold, dark icy waters I will make it warm for you, treat your cuts with love and care and make everything mend and heal. All I want to have is the sanity in the asylum of your strong arms and sweet sleep beside you, mad pangs of laughter which make our stomachs cry with pain and leave our lungs gasping for air. Maybe some wine and whiskey will help me sleep and I will drift off to sleep slowly. And even when I’m fast asleep, please stay by my side. I promise I will calm my storm whenever your ship passes and I promise not to wreck it into splinters of wood. I promise to pour every drop of the ocean of love into your infinite being till the end of time. I promise to keep all my promises. But only if you take the leap of faith.
The reason I love dogs so much is that because they are loyal.
And this one is a darling. :*

This is my love with its very own and very new tattoo; an ambigram.

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