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Friday, 2 January 2015

The Winter That Was

The Winter That Was

The winter that was cold. The winter it almost snowed. The winter that was a month long. The winter that was still short. The winter I lost and found many precious things. The winter I lost my temper and mind. The winter I lost a friend. The winter I got to know more people. The winter of stupid decisions. The winter of regrets. The winter full of awkwardness. The winter of happiness. The winter with warmth. The winter’s last day (31st December, to be precise) wiped clean from my mind. The winter’s party that came to life after Patiala pegs with the boys. The winter I went home with my parents, drunk as a fish. The winter my stranger became a friend. The winter another stranger entered again. The winter of stolen kisses. The winter of foggy misses. The winter I felt utter shame. The winter where I almost fell off the dance floor. The winter where I almost lost control. The winter I realized many things. The winter I realized that people aren’t exactly what they look like. The winter I realized that love just does not happen so easily. The winter I realized that the old stranger is as beautiful as anyone can get. The winter of bike rides. The winter where I went on a little road trip. The winter when I didn’t feel like coming back home. The winter where I yearned to run back to the college. To run back to my bitches. The winter I learnt a lot new things about myself. The winter I missed my guitar so much. The winter I wanted every lost thing back. The winter of a newer me. The winter I learnt to control my emotions. The winter I became a stone and watched loved ones cry while I just sat there. A happening winter.

Yours lovingly,

Winter Love.

P.S.: I did not want it to be lyrical or poetic at all but that is just how it came out of my heart.
P.P.S.: Winter Love.
P.P.P.S.: The above post script does not make any sense. That is exactly what I feel right now.

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Sudhir kumar rai said...

It looks like a lot happened during winters.. eh!
BTW.... it does sounds poetic n it was pretty amazing when I read it out loud.