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Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Bird On My Window

A Bird On My Window

Maybe you’re like the bird on my window sill.
Dropping down with a startling but soft thud.
Tapping the glass panes
Then when I say hello,
You twist your head and stare at me,
Show me your pretty wings and sing a song for me.

You’re bigger than the sparrows in my garden.
Or those terrifying birds that sit on my air conditioner.
Once I saw you sitting on the window across my house.
They fed you grains but tried to lure you. Capture you.
Have you forgotten that?

You’re a free bird. Fly away before they attempt that again.
I will pray for your safe flights
Just like I have been doing for my father.
I’ll keep water and grains on the sill for you.
I promise not to try and capture you.
I say try because I know I truly cannot bind you.

You’re just like the bird on my window sill.
You drop in only sometimes. But when you do, you stay.
You’re beautiful. Not mine. Free.
That, you’ll forever be.

Hi there, bird on my window sill.

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