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Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Summer That Was

The summer that was two months long. The summer that was too long. The summer without friends. The summer without college, about to end. The summer that gave me
many new opportunities. The summer that taught me new ways of life. The summer when I learnt to drive. The summer's only party that came to life. The summer love that I just couldn't hide. The summer that gave me a new perspective. The summer that lent me a new view. The summer it snowed. The summer that loved me like a new lover. The summer I learnt new things about myself. The summer when I learnt new things about others. The summer which cleared my mind. The summer which showed me my path that was earlier undefined. The summer where I made new friends. The summer I came to know I can't pretend. The summer I had my first whiskey. The summer which told me strangers aren't all that risky. The summer I found a new love. The summer I missed my guitar so much. The summer's scorching heat. The summer paired with a rainy spell. The summer secrets I cannot tell. The summer when I learnt that there were no boundaries. The summer that told me I could fly. The summer where I embraced my bruises. The summer whose wound now closes.
The summer that I will always remember.

Yours lovingly,
The Summer Love

P.S.: I did not want it to be lyrical or poetic at all but that is just how it came out of my heart.
P.P.S.: Summer Love.
P.P.P.S.: The above post script does not make any sense. That is exactly what I feel right now.


Sumeet Sodhi said...

A good summer overall.. won't u say? ;)

Yashasvi Raghuvanshi said...
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