The Pack

Sunday, 29 June 2014


We keep running for love
All the while not knowing
That it is just around the corner
Or waiting for you at a random party
Where you don't seem to know a soul.

We keep running to find friends
All the while not knowing
The ones we have just left behind
Or the new ones that are there
Hiding in the crowd, disguised as 'Strangers'.

Our ideas are pretty messed up
But the clouds are just going away
I can see the clear sky
And somehow everything makes sense
And I'm not contemplating suicide.

I love myself too much to actually hurt myself
But a boring place where I'm stuck
Makes me wonder what I'll do.
I have found some new strangers
And strangers feel like home now.

A lot of people say that I am out of my mind
To actually go and talk to strangers.
But the lesson I've learnt tells me otherwise.
That being reserved would give me more problems
And would not make me the person I want to be.

I have been reserved for too long now.
I want to break out of the golden cage and fly.
This is not what I want from my life.
Because I would love to fall.
Fall in love with those surroundings
Sans cage.
With strangers that I've met
Sans cage
While life just transforms into
All wrath and rage.

For now, I just feel that
In being with strangers, I'll find my solace
While the world rises up
Unrest at every place.
I'd rather be with people I not know of
Rather than die in a golden cage.

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