The Pack

Friday, 13 June 2014

Liminal Being

A being confused of it's own origin.

When she looked above, she often found herself lost among galaxies. People had told her stories about creatures that lived in the stars above. Like the great Chiron. And the Sphinx. The creatures were fascinating and downright crazy at the same time, she thought. When anyone asked her why, the only thing she could choke out was how a being could be confused of its own origin and how could they not know where they belonged? Liminal beings fascinated her to no extent.
To her, things were absolute and exhaustive.  Not free in form or confusing or confused for that matter. Therefore, she could not simply digest what she knew about liminal beings.

Now what was sad (or rather good in a secret way) was that even she was one of them. Though she did not know it, deep down even she was confused of her existence. She did not know why she was here and was not acquainted to the purpose of her little life. The more she thought that liminal beings were a myth, the more she became one of those mythical creatures.

It is very difficult to describe a person's existence in a few words or acts. A life is always remembered by the good deeds that it performs. She was to be remembered forever, like Chiron, Achilles mentor. Forever till the time was to end, she was going to be confused of what she truly was. Because inside her were a million different personalities waiting to burst forward with life.

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