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Friday, 27 June 2014

Claustrophobic In This Little Big World

Have you ever felt claustrophobic? Do you ever feel the weight of this fucking world on your shoulders? Trapped in a clear glass dome which has set the limits of the blue sky way beyond your reach? It is not the truth but people try and make you believe? Tied down by expectations, rules & regulations? And if you live in a country called India, then the typical 'Log kya kahengay?'( What will the society say). Every time someone says this to me, my mind goes 'Fuck the people. Why should they care about what I do, wear, eat. Or who I hang out with?'

You have everything inside of you to break free and to fly above and over the horizon but you find yourself unable to do so because of so many stupid reasons ( and YOU are one of them).
Consider this post as a dumb diary entry by a girl who is really pissed. Actually way beyond pissed. She is angry. Angry with herself and everything around her.
So, with the fire and power vested in my soul, I'd like to tell 'some people' about 'some things'.

  • If you really think that I'm going to give a fuck then think again. I don't give a fuck about your stupid ideas. I'd rather be with someone who is mature and intelligent and who understands.
  • I am not a thing that you posses or own. If you care about me then let me be me and stop being an insecure dog.
  • My ideas about life are pretty simple. Don't fucking mix them with your misconceptions and try to mess that up. Because what I am is unique and not your muse.
  • I am an independent individual. Treat me like one. And if you can't, then please fuck off. I don't want that dead weight.
  • Don't ever stop me from doing anything. You'll ruin my mood. But I'll do the thing anyway to tell you that you ain't got control.
  • If you got a problem with me, then please get lost. I am not interested in entertaining you and absolutely not inclined towards exchanging fake smiles and gestures. Kindly fuck off.
  • I neither have the time nor energy to waste on stupid people. If I talk to you, text you, share my food with you, tell you silly stories or laugh at your pjs that means you are special.
  • My good friends, we're still friends.
  • To all my special peeps, I really really love you. Thank you for all the little things that you have ever done for me. I am deeply grateful and indebted for life.
  • To all the people I've stopped talking to, I know things could've been different but you were being a little bitch.
  • To all my old and new friends, many more years of friendship awaits us.
At times I get really sentimental. This is one of them. It is one of those times when I actually start caring about people. Dayyum I'm so angry right now. Okay! Pfft!
Please let me live my life. I want to learn without any boundaries, rules or regulations. I want to see and feel for myself. I don't want to be bound by the restrictions that the humanity has imposed upon itself. I want to be impulsive. I want to run. I want to fall and get up again just so that I can fall again. I want to fall in love. See and feel what it is like to be in love. I want to travel around the world. I just don't want to be bound by any kind of restriction. I want to fly. And fly I will.

Yours freely, (chuckles at this stupid way to sign off)

P.S: I don't mean to offend anyone. But if you really want to take offence, then go ahead and off you go.

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