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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

This is Heaven. Well, Only If You Are Strong Enough.

There is a land of beauty and freedom. Beyond the mountains of hate and the plains of pain. You cross the river of sorrow. And there you are.
The Valley of Ladakh.
That, right there!

You can feel its beauty being absorbed by your skin. Well, that is if you can overcome motion-sickness, altitude-sickness, nausea, dizziness, headache and deficiency of oxygen in your body due to the altitude of eighteen thousand and some more hundred feet, approximately about two kilometers down the summit of the great Mount Everest.
I don't mean to scare you, but you better be prepared for what is up there.
I am not going to give you the details of my travel. BUT I'm going to tell you why you should visit it. And try and explore the land yourself rather than relying on what anyone tells you. We are out for an adventure, aren't we me lads?

Poooint Numberrr Won (Point #1)
I am a little dizzy because oxygen isn't reaching my brain in proper quantities but the air is de-licious, mm-hmm!! We all concur that with all the civilization & tall buildings and cars & pollution, we have dirtied the planet. And we all need to clean that mess up, yo!
So lets all just leave our Suzukis and Porsches and Lamborghinis and Toyotas behind for a few days and come to this place. The amount of oxygen in air is half the normal amount. But the air is so clean and devoid of particles that usually cloud the cities. You can see the perfect night sky with all the twinkling stars stuck in a dark blue net. Star-gazers, let's go!
This is how it looks at night.

Pooooint Nummberr Too (Point #2  :P)
No connectivity matlab no connectivity for pre-paid numbers (chill! ). And let us just forget Internet for a week, shall we? It is not a holiday if you are on the phone/tablet/laptop  for the whole duration of your journey. So even if them phones work, let's just switch 'em off and enjoy. We can update our statuses and DPs later when we get back to the sea-level.
Goodbye Internet. We shall meet again.

Poooint Nummberr Tree (Point #3)
Who doesn't love good, long road trips, huh? Winding roads, jutting in and out of mountain sides, bridges, waterfalls and so much more to be seen. You can just forget your worries and stare at the sights that pass you by. Also, you don't have any other option if you plan go sight-seeing because everything is far, far away and you have to go by road. But roads, they just clear your head. AND you can hire a Bullet and go for a bike ride in the mountains (even better :P).

Poooint Nummberr Fouurr (Point #4)
Let me tell you how quiet and peaceful it is up there. If you shout, you'll probably be the only person who's gonna hear it besides your parents or girlfriend/boyfriend. Sparsely populated to an extent that you will rarely find crowds. So therefore, it is quiet. And peaceful. My, oh my! With Lord Buddha there as your guide, I'm sure you'll be surprised what you find within your mind.

Point Number Five
Have ye not be moved by beauty. Have ye not had yer minds blown off? (Sorry. I'm still recuperating from the  lack of oxygen in my brain)
But whatever. We do go looking and searching for things that are beautiful. And to give peace to our souls and beings, we must find those things. Take a trip to this place, you will definitely find things that beautiful.

Point Number Six
You like animals. I like animals. We all like animals. And then there are the little ones. Miniatures but so cute. And animals like the two humped camel, pretty rabbits, and them sheep.

A good weather in a cold desert is also a pulling reason. Sand dunes at eighteen thousand feet above the sea-level. Pack your pills and don't forget your shades! Let's take off for an awesome adventure. And do tell me the tales when you get back. Mail me at

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