The Pack

Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Musk Deer

She searched everywhere. Everywhere she went, she looked. Looked for a sign. A sign of the scent that she had been following. She spent years looking for that scent which even haunted her in her dreams. The scent was so powerful, so mesmerizing, so pulling and compelling that she hardly thought about anything else. A scent so powerful that it reigned over her other senses. She was always surrounded by that smell. But even though she searched hard, she could never find the true source of that beautiful smell. She would never find the source. Even in a million years. Because the true source of that benign smell required her to look within. She was the source. It was hers. But she could never think of that. To her, she was not beautiful and therefore not capable knowing that it was her own fragrance that kept her awake day and night. But the greedy human knew. And he found her. He rid her of the scent. Now she smelled like rust and water. Nothing was beautiful now.

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