The Pack

Saturday, 24 May 2014

That Is What I See

I wear spectacles. And I even wear them when I don't want to. Because they help me see clearly. Also sometimes they save me from embarrassment. When I cry, I wear spectacles so that no one can notice the tears in my eyes. Spectacles, so that they may hide the sadness in my eyes with their annoying gleam.
But I guess that doesn't really matter. Because my mother sees through them, my father knows everything and my friends just know what's up or wrong with me.
Then why do I even try hiding my sadness?
Somewhere, down in some mysterious corner of my heart, my weaknesses make me strong. I may not show that, but one day I will emerge from that like a hero. I am sure I will.
But till then, I guess I just need to wear my spectacles, study, and make myself proud.

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