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Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Bird On My Window

A Bird On My Window

Maybe you’re like the bird on my window sill.
Dropping down with a startling but soft thud.
Tapping the glass panes
Then when I say hello,

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Kissed By Fire (Part-I)

Her black hair glinted bloody red as it caught a shard of sunlight that pierced through the window in the great hallway of Lord Wolvero's castle. Just the tips of her hair danced with fire as she moved along. Kissed by fire, they said when she was born. The legend has it that only one man-cub is born every two hundred centuries, the one who is kissed by fire. The man-cub bears good as well as ill fate, both to the extremities. But he or she is destined to rule every land that there is. Little Lyca did not really understand this. Her black-red hair gleamed gloriously against her wheat skin. It caught fire and then settled back as she went galloping through the ancient hallway. Kissed by fire. So she was. Different from others, never resting, kissed by fire and it's eternal warmth and beauty. And fury too.

Monday, 4 August 2014


It all seems empty
My reasons have changed
And so have the seasons.
The stars seem fainter
The time's moving slower
And so is my life.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

She Was Wild

She was wild.
As untameable as the sea.
But there was a little heart
Inside that longed to see
His perfect and beautiful face.
His voice had the power
To calm the million storms
Inside her head.
Sweetly raspy, husky from slumber
Voice of a storyteller.
Her fury had gobbled many a ships.
His barely managed to stay afloat.
The captain, a reflection of Adonis.
With Poseidon's powers divine
Could calm all the storms
That hid beneath her veil.
She was wild.
As untameable as the sea.
But his raspy voice
And a grin like the Cheshire cat's
Could calm the wolves
That ran amok inside her head.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Summer That Was

The summer that was two months long. The summer that was too long. The summer without friends. The summer without college, about to end. The summer that gave me
many new opportunities. The summer that taught me new ways of life. The summer when I learnt to drive. The summer's only party that came to life. The summer love that I just couldn't hide. The summer that gave me a new perspective. The summer that lent me a new view. The summer it snowed. The summer that loved me like a new lover. The summer I learnt new things about myself. The summer when I learnt new things about others. The summer which cleared my mind. The summer which showed me my path that was earlier undefined. The summer where I made new friends. The summer I came to know I can't pretend. The summer I had my first whiskey. The summer which told me strangers aren't all that risky. The summer I found a new love. The summer I missed my guitar so much. The summer's scorching heat. The summer paired with a rainy spell. The summer secrets I cannot tell. The summer when I learnt that there were no boundaries. The summer that told me I could fly. The summer where I embraced my bruises. The summer whose wound now closes.
The summer that I will always remember.

Yours lovingly,
The Summer Love

P.S.: I did not want it to be lyrical or poetic at all but that is just how it came out of my heart.
P.P.S.: Summer Love.
P.P.P.S.: The above post script does not make any sense. That is exactly what I feel right now.

Sunday, 29 June 2014


We keep running for love
All the while not knowing
That it is just around the corner
Or waiting for you at a random party
Where you don't seem to know a soul.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Claustrophobic In This Little Big World

Have you ever felt claustrophobic? Do you ever feel the weight of this fucking world on your shoulders? Trapped in a clear glass dome which has set the limits of the blue sky way beyond your reach? It is not the truth but people try and make you believe? Tied down by expectations, rules & regulations? And if you live in a country called India, then the typical 'Log kya kahengay?'( What will the society say). Every time someone says this to me, my mind goes 'Fuck the people. Why should they care about what I do, wear, eat. Or who I hang out with?'

You have everything inside of you to break free and to fly above and over the horizon but you find yourself unable to do so because of so many stupid reasons ( and YOU are one of them).
Consider this post as a dumb diary entry by a girl who is really pissed. Actually way beyond pissed. She is angry. Angry with herself and everything around her.
So, with the fire and power vested in my soul, I'd like to tell 'some people' about 'some things'.

  • If you really think that I'm going to give a fuck then think again. I don't give a fuck about your stupid ideas. I'd rather be with someone who is mature and intelligent and who understands.
  • I am not a thing that you posses or own. If you care about me then let me be me and stop being an insecure dog.
  • My ideas about life are pretty simple. Don't fucking mix them with your misconceptions and try to mess that up. Because what I am is unique and not your muse.
  • I am an independent individual. Treat me like one. And if you can't, then please fuck off. I don't want that dead weight.
  • Don't ever stop me from doing anything. You'll ruin my mood. But I'll do the thing anyway to tell you that you ain't got control.
  • If you got a problem with me, then please get lost. I am not interested in entertaining you and absolutely not inclined towards exchanging fake smiles and gestures. Kindly fuck off.
  • I neither have the time nor energy to waste on stupid people. If I talk to you, text you, share my food with you, tell you silly stories or laugh at your pjs that means you are special.
  • My good friends, we're still friends.
  • To all my special peeps, I really really love you. Thank you for all the little things that you have ever done for me. I am deeply grateful and indebted for life.
  • To all the people I've stopped talking to, I know things could've been different but you were being a little bitch.
  • To all my old and new friends, many more years of friendship awaits us.
At times I get really sentimental. This is one of them. It is one of those times when I actually start caring about people. Dayyum I'm so angry right now. Okay! Pfft!
Please let me live my life. I want to learn without any boundaries, rules or regulations. I want to see and feel for myself. I don't want to be bound by the restrictions that the humanity has imposed upon itself. I want to be impulsive. I want to run. I want to fall and get up again just so that I can fall again. I want to fall in love. See and feel what it is like to be in love. I want to travel around the world. I just don't want to be bound by any kind of restriction. I want to fly. And fly I will.

Yours freely, (chuckles at this stupid way to sign off)

P.S: I don't mean to offend anyone. But if you really want to take offence, then go ahead and off you go.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

It Is Time We Give It Back To Them

It is the month of December. It is very cold outside. Everyone is wrapped in their rainbow hued cocoons of sweaters and pullovers. You feel someone's eyes on you. It is a motorist coming from the direction of your back. He tries to touch you but misses, looks back, gives you a smirk as if taunting you and then rides away into Hades(at least you hope he does).

It is January

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

11 Things Law School Taught Me

College life is tough. And it is way beyond crazy if you are in a law school. I am in a law school and my life is crazy. Believe it or not, only one year of college has taught me more than 14 years of school.
So here is a list of things to help you peeps.

To be honest, I was really disheartened after the CLAT 2013 results came out. People who had a very bad rank got a better college than me because of 'Reservation' *sings in a glorious voice*. It was not fair. I deserved better. But who ever said life was fair. There will be many times like this one. I've learnt not to get disheartened and keep on working towards what I love.

Never ever take something or someone on face value. You, my dear friend are going to be fooled. Your life won't solve the puzzles for you. You have to rescue yourself. Therefore check, recheck and repeat this process three more times to ensure your safety.

Alexander Pope has remarked that "Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends." In this age where everyone is running to get ahead, people do and will keep on betraying others. A bad company will definitely destroy you, your dreams, your confidence and self-respect. And we sure as hell don't want that.
Talk to everyone nicely but choose wisely the person you wish to share your secrets with.

This shizz is important. Why? My ex-roommate was, well crueler than Cruella De'vil. She mentally tortured me. And had I not kept calm (I don't know how I did that), I would've smacked her. Smacked her so hard that her next generations would've been born with the mark (and Barney Stinson and Marshall Erricsson jokes would've followed). And I would have ended outside the college. So unless you want to have a hard time, keep you stuff together.

5. SISTERS BEFORE MISTERS(applies to girls reading this)
Now this one I really like.
Sisters before misters,
Hoes before bros.
I'm so sorry
But that's the way it goes.
You stay with them 24/7. Literally.They will stay by my side come what may. In all Projects, presentations, submissions, hangovers and boring classes. I know they will love me in all my drunken brokenness and will happily glue the pieces together with all the love that they have.
They'll be with you when you are making fun of someone or when you are going through a rough patch.
Someone told me that a man can tell you that everything will be okay. But not the way a woman can.

I'm sorry Saradda! :*
If you want to study in Oxford/Cambridge/NYU after your graduation, you better pick up those modules and books.
Contracts in the morning with Dhaggu

The contracts storm!

And no Laila-Majnu as well.
I don't want to be stuck with a person for the remaining four years of the course. No. Na-uh. Nopes.

Yess! Also because:
I haven't slept for more than 5 hours a day(except during exam time) for a year now. Why? Because I'm in a law school. I'd rather sleep for the meager hours I am free rather than say 'Aur Batao. What else?' endlessly for 4 hours, till the sun rises. Like seriously WTF?
Yes. I love whatever's left of it.

This is what you need to groom yourself and become better day by day. It requires dedication to build a pleasing and charming personality. And these things help you grow and groom yourself.
I'm still working on Yashasvi Raghuvanshi.

Working is hard. Do I need to say anything else?

Aim for one thing that you love and do it perfectly and to the best of your ability rather than juggling a million things and then finally get no result out of them.
My father told me this quite often. I only understood it after I started college.

एकै साधै सब सधै। सब साधे सब जाए।
"Set your mind to one goal and you will achieve it. Set your mind to a lot of things and you will accomplish nothing."

After being tortured by ex-roomie, bitching, stupid arguements and misunderstandings and 'Bitch War' (A new and special term invented by a brainless retard), scared by exams and question papers, marred by grades and being endlessly tortured by teachers, I have survived 365 days of a crazy law school life.
I promise myself that I will be strong and I will always stand for the true values and for my passions.

Love always,

P.S.: Ahem! ahem!I will soon be adding a 12th and 13th point which someone just pointed out. Boy I'm not a hypocrite! :P

Friday, 13 June 2014

Liminal Being

A being confused of it's own origin.

When she looked above, she often found herself lost among galaxies. People had told her stories about creatures that lived in the stars above. Like the great Chiron. And the Sphinx. The creatures were fascinating and downright crazy at the same time, she thought. When anyone asked her why, the only thing she could choke out was how a being could be confused of its own origin and how could they not know where they belonged? Liminal beings fascinated her to no extent.

Monday, 2 June 2014


It had indeed been a very long time since my body had been wholly immersed in water. Immersed so deep that coming back to the surface took hours. I could hear the other man-cubs jumping in the water, at a distance, from the cliffs that hung dearly on either sides of water. I could hear the wails of the poor souls, again man-cubs, who were being forced off the ledge, and were followed by a huge splash and gurgling sound. All this was happening at quite a distance, but I could hear it all very well. Water augmented my senses somehow.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

This is Heaven. Well, Only If You Are Strong Enough.

There is a land of beauty and freedom. Beyond the mountains of hate and the plains of pain. You cross the river of sorrow. And there you are.
The Valley of Ladakh.
That, right there!

You can feel its beauty being absorbed by your skin. Well, that is if you can overcome motion-sickness, altitude-sickness, nausea, dizziness, headache and deficiency of oxygen in your body due to the altitude of eighteen thousand and some more hundred feet, approximately about two kilometers down the summit of the great Mount Everest.
I don't mean to scare you, but you better be prepared for what is up there.
I am not going to give you the details of my travel. BUT I'm going to tell you why you should visit it. And try and explore the land yourself rather than relying on what anyone tells you. We are out for an adventure, aren't we me lads?

Poooint Numberrr Won (Point #1)
I am a little dizzy because oxygen isn't reaching my brain in proper quantities but the air is de-licious, mm-hmm!! We all concur that with all the civilization & tall buildings and cars & pollution, we have dirtied the planet. And we all need to clean that mess up, yo!
So lets all just leave our Suzukis and Porsches and Lamborghinis and Toyotas behind for a few days and come to this place. The amount of oxygen in air is half the normal amount. But the air is so clean and devoid of particles that usually cloud the cities. You can see the perfect night sky with all the twinkling stars stuck in a dark blue net. Star-gazers, let's go!
This is how it looks at night.

Pooooint Nummberr Too (Point #2  :P)
No connectivity matlab no connectivity for pre-paid numbers (chill! ). And let us just forget Internet for a week, shall we? It is not a holiday if you are on the phone/tablet/laptop  for the whole duration of your journey. So even if them phones work, let's just switch 'em off and enjoy. We can update our statuses and DPs later when we get back to the sea-level.
Goodbye Internet. We shall meet again.

Poooint Nummberr Tree (Point #3)
Who doesn't love good, long road trips, huh? Winding roads, jutting in and out of mountain sides, bridges, waterfalls and so much more to be seen. You can just forget your worries and stare at the sights that pass you by. Also, you don't have any other option if you plan go sight-seeing because everything is far, far away and you have to go by road. But roads, they just clear your head. AND you can hire a Bullet and go for a bike ride in the mountains (even better :P).

Poooint Nummberr Fouurr (Point #4)
Let me tell you how quiet and peaceful it is up there. If you shout, you'll probably be the only person who's gonna hear it besides your parents or girlfriend/boyfriend. Sparsely populated to an extent that you will rarely find crowds. So therefore, it is quiet. And peaceful. My, oh my! With Lord Buddha there as your guide, I'm sure you'll be surprised what you find within your mind.

Point Number Five
Have ye not be moved by beauty. Have ye not had yer minds blown off? (Sorry. I'm still recuperating from the  lack of oxygen in my brain)
But whatever. We do go looking and searching for things that are beautiful. And to give peace to our souls and beings, we must find those things. Take a trip to this place, you will definitely find things that beautiful.

Point Number Six
You like animals. I like animals. We all like animals. And then there are the little ones. Miniatures but so cute. And animals like the two humped camel, pretty rabbits, and them sheep.

A good weather in a cold desert is also a pulling reason. Sand dunes at eighteen thousand feet above the sea-level. Pack your pills and don't forget your shades! Let's take off for an awesome adventure. And do tell me the tales when you get back. Mail me at

Saturday, 24 May 2014

That Is What I See

I wear spectacles. And I even wear them when I don't want to. Because they help me see clearly. Also sometimes they save me from embarrassment. When I cry, I wear spectacles so that no one can notice the tears in my eyes. Spectacles, so that they may hide the sadness in my eyes with their annoying gleam.
But I guess that doesn't really matter. Because my mother sees through them, my father knows everything and my friends just know what's up or wrong with me.
Then why do I even try hiding my sadness?
Somewhere, down in some mysterious corner of my heart, my weaknesses make me strong. I may not show that, but one day I will emerge from that like a hero. I am sure I will.
But till then, I guess I just need to wear my spectacles, study, and make myself proud.

Monday, 19 May 2014

We'll Fly Away

What can you do with the birds?
They will eventually fly away.
I am one of them.
I will fly away too one day.
You will miss me then.
Or you will not.
But that's okay
I won't be there
To give it a thought.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Musk Deer

She searched everywhere. Everywhere she went, she looked. Looked for a sign. A sign of the scent that she had been following. She spent years looking for that scent which even haunted her in her dreams. The scent was so powerful, so mesmerizing, so pulling and compelling that she hardly thought about anything else. A scent so powerful that it reigned over her other senses. She was always surrounded by that smell. But even though she searched hard, she could never find the true source of that beautiful smell. She would never find the source. Even in a million years. Because the true source of that benign smell required her to look within. She was the source. It was hers. But she could never think of that. To her, she was not beautiful and therefore not capable knowing that it was her own fragrance that kept her awake day and night. But the greedy human knew. And he found her. He rid her of the scent. Now she smelled like rust and water. Nothing was beautiful now.

Friday, 2 May 2014

How dare you

"Jao, chali jao tum yahan se. Tumhara koi kaam nahi yahan!!" ( Go. Just get lost from here. You are not needed here anyways!!). "Haan haan chali jaungi. Dhyaan rakhna fir tum apna aur apni maa ka!! Dekhte hain kaise rehte ho!?" (Yeah right I'm leaving. Take care of yourself and your mother. Lets see how you survive). "Arre tumhari zarurat kisko hai, charitra-heen aurat?!" (Who needs you, you characterless woman?!).
And the woman leaves the house with her bags and a 4 month old baby in her hands

Who gave you the right
To call her that?
A woman, who supported you,
Stood by your side in times of need,
When no one else was there
And you were deserted.
All alone you weeped.
She was the one who wiped your tears.
Now you're making her cry.
Her soul will live for ever more
And yours won't, even if you try.

Who gave you the right
To say that you own her?
Let me tell you,
You don't!
How dare you not look
Beyond the sky
And look that she was grieving?
Did your mother take that long
To see you were hurt.
She was the one who wiped your tears.
Now you're making her cry.
Her soul will live for ever more.
And yours won't, even if you try.

Who gave you the right
To look down upon her?
As if she is below you.
No she isn't.
How dare you even think like that
How dare you.
Don't you see she is stronger than you.
Way more bold.
She is going to rise.
Rise above all your games
Rise up so that you can't reach her
She will rise up above this.
And you won't, even if you try.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Little things. Big outcomes.

Little things give us joys. Clubbed together, they make life seem more blissful and happy. These little things come together to make our life large. Larger than anything. There might be times when you're lying on your bed with your brain moving at the speed of million thoughts per second. You try to comprehend the intricacies of your life. Try and unsolve the puzzle of human existence. Try to find out the purpose of your birth. Little things lead to bigger ones. They provide you the push much needed now. Little things make you believe that we are not that selfish and that there is much to life than to just work for yourself.
Earth is a small planet in a system of a very average star in a small galaxy in a universe filled with millions of them. There is a reason we are where we are. Your little acts of kindness, accumulated, can create a huge difference. We are humans. We are selfish but ultimately, deep down we are governed by the rules of humanity. Small things, big outcomes.
You will be surprised to know that the thing which inspired me to write this was a little cold cup of joy that my lovely roommate and I had made for ourselves. The pure joy. Things might get hard on the way and you might get a little lost. But remember that little things will make you stand out from the crowd. Little things like you held on a little longer in a hard situation and it paid off. Little things like you helped a complete stranger and the joy it gave to your soul. Little things like that Cold Cup of Love( I am determined to make this 'a Thing'). Little things like that gust of air which plays with your hair and you are reminded by mother earth that you truly are beautiful and special. Little things like that little pat on the back for something good you did. Little things make a lot of difference.
I want to climb the terrace of the Girls Hostel of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University and tell every soul that even though I am little, one day I'll grow out from this cocoon and become something that I always have been. Mother earth's own masterpiece. But I would rather not because I love the peace and quiet that the terrace brings me. Like my own little fort. With lots of Cold Cup of Love of course!!
The Cold Cup of Love!
The Fault In Our Stars.

Friday, 11 April 2014

A Wish To Turn Back Time

That pretty face
What once was mine
Has now gone for a battle divine.
I still remember
How young, a heart
Pays for someone else's crime.
I can't forget to forget
That precious smile
All with power when it shined
Turned all the creatures
Of the dark whine.
It's beauty poured into endless time.
How words cannot capture
The feelings behind
Those bright blue buttons
That were his eyes.
Teleporting joy undefined
From the vastness of space and time.
How I wish
To turn back the time.
Bring back the love
Which once was mine.
That innocence with powers,
That pretty face divine.
I wish to fly from the tower.
I wish to turn back time.

Road Trips and Much More!

Some years back, I made this trip to the city of Bhopal. I had read about it in my history books and desperately wanted to visit the place. So, I asked my dad if we could go. My dad, a person who loves travelling (rather my whole family, because travelling is what we have been doing all our lives) happily agreed because Madhya Pradesh was the place where he grew up.
We set course from Allahabad in our car. The four of us; my dad, my mom, my younger brother and me. 631 kilometers. In a day. Bam! My daddy coolest!
After the long and tiring journey, when we finally reached the city of lakes, we were so exhausted that we directly went to our rooms in the Army Station Mess. The Army Cantt. is a huge statio, established on a small hill with long roads, beautiful trees, flowers and pretty birds.

The next day, I asked my dad to take us to the zoo. Now, I know that I'm a grown up but you are never too big for a visit to the zoo. A trip around the city and it's lakes, one of Asia's biggest mosques, kings' palaces and then we were back to ground zero, the Army Mess.
I don't know if it is a bad habit or a good one but I can't stay at a place for a long time. After only two hours of touchdown, I wanted to go out again. My dad, being the loving and caring dad that he is, couldn't refuse his daughter's request so he took us out for a drive around the city. We went to a big temple and sat beneath the big tree in the verandah for hours, doing nothing but reflecting back on our lives. And we only went back to ground zero after me and my brother had had a tonne of ice-cream.

The next day was trekking day. We went to a temple on top of a hill. Boy, was it tiring. It took us hours to climb it. But then, a little exercise now and then is necessary. The temple was built inside a cave, a place important in the Ramayana period. The caves were full of beautiful creatures of the night: Bats! AND MONKEYS! Well, to be honest, I'm not really fond of monkeys (scary past experiences which I will elaborate upon in some other story some other time where a huge monkey took away my glasses from my face and I could't see! Mean Monkey). But there are some things which really touch your heart. Like a monkey mom fondling it's baby.

A mother is a mother. No matter from what species.

The linga.

The third day, we visited a huge Shiva temple, Bhojeswara, built in Bhojpur, named after the most celebrated ruler, Raja Bhoja. The temple is incomplete but houses one of the biggest 'lingas' in India. It was followed by a cool trip to Bhimbetaka. The site, an important one from the Mahabharata period, believed to be the shelter of Bhim and his Pandava brothers. The walls etched with primitive drawings tell us a beautiful story about our rich past.

The Bhojeswara Temple

Then came the awesomest day. The trip I was waiting for. The trip to Sanchi.Sanchi is about 40 kilometers away from the city of Bhopal. Set up amidst low hills, the majestic structure, one of the oldest and most important, was sanctioned by the great king Ashoka. All old demolished by invaders  and then revived and rebuilt by the Rajas and Begums of Bhopal. Such Beauty.

The Stupa.

The East Gate.

Bhopal is not only home to the Buddhists or the Hindus. The beautiful city of lakes also has one of Asia's biggest mosques and a huge Muslim population.
The sheer beauty of unity in diversity is visible in each and every simple aspect of this humble yet magnificent city.
We run. We escape. We try to look for peace of mind and love. We try. We try to make ourselves believe that we are running away in search of true beauty. But all we are doing is running behind a mirage of an ideal world. All the while, we close our eyes and run frantically, we are leaving behind what actually is true and beautiful. Beauty is not what you see on the outside. It is within. The peace and calm. The serenity. I have always found solace in the path and not the destination.

An old and worn out building will command better awe than a new one. Beauty does not lie in new things. But it dwells in the old, experienced, torn and worn out things which have witnessed the rise and fall of many kings and queens, all the ebbs and floods of the ocean vast, all the infernos and typhoons of the continent. Things which are eternal and as old as time itself. They are in the wrinkles on your mother's skin, who has seen you grow into a beautiful being. How much she has cared and now that she is old, how she knows everything. She is the ultimate solution of all the life's problems.

A beautiful sunset in the city of lakes. The great ball of fire, taking a bow, hides behind the great Sanchi Stupa.

And we're on to another city. But that story for some other time.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Where is Power.

For a heart that beats faster
A heart that lies closer
And the sea that always glowers
There's might, there's power.

For a skilled speed racer
A bright and funny blazer
And a light that grows older
There's hope, there's power

For a beautiful meteor shower
A colorful little flower
And a pretty pretty lover
There's love, there's power.

For the tall King's tower
His favourite Queen's bower
And his soldier's old armour
There's value, there's power.

For the words grow louder
A father more prouder
Destiny's founder
There's will, there's power.

When people stoop lower
And you can't pick a weapon
You let go and forgive
There is Power.

Bless my Father's Soul

You say you are a grown up man
Yet you cry like a child
You, running here and there
And your memories running wild.
You recall your first step
When you first learnt to walk.
Triumphantly sitting on his lap
When you first learnt to talk.
Your first word was Daddy.
Now you know a lot other words.
And that is what the problem is.
You both are now in different worlds.

You say you are a grown up man
Yet you cry like a child.
You, running here and there
And your memories running wild.
You hear his voice now
In flowers that grow by that pond
Memories of you and him
A fatherly bond.
Your first friend was Daddy
Now you know a lot other friends
And that is what the problem is.
This isn't how it should end.

You say you are a grown up man
Yet you cry like a child.
You've learned how to let things go
How to embrace pain with smile.
Beneath all the layers of years
You're still that little boy
Who yearns for his father's touch
An exquisite kick of joy.
Your first fight was with Daddy.
Now you fight a lot
And that is what the problem is.
You loved him more than 'a lot'.

You say you are a grown up man
You try hard not to cry.
You do everything to fight back the tears
But they somehow show up in your eyes

You say you are a grown up man
All big and tall
But every time someone mentions him
You lose your grip and fall

You say you are a grown up man
Yet you cry like a child.
You, running here and there.
With your imagination running wild.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

What makes me strong.

You see me out in the rain.
You shout that I shouldn't be there.
You see me crying in my pain.
I say you shouldn't be here.
Life gives me ups and it gives me lows.
For the love that He always bestows,
I am thankful to the world
For this is where my soul shall live.
For this is where my heart will survive.
And the pain will eventually subside.
The fact that the earth is round
Makes me happy.
Because I know I won't fall off the edge.
I know the sun will rise again from the other side.
There will be another morning.
I will be there.
And I will fight.
And this makes me strong.
My faith in me
My faith in the earth
My faith in the song
Makes me strong.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Wander Away

The gentle waves at a beach in Japan teach us that there are bad times.
But good times are just around the corner.
Travel has been an escape for me. For long, I believed that escapism only existed in stories. But now I know that it is true. When I travel, I get disconnected with the reality and the real world. I can be whoever and
whatever I want to be. It gives me hope, makes me optimistic that my life is actually in my hands and is certain, happy and an unpredictable adventure at the same time.

Wouldn't it be nice, if you reached a place where you always wanted to be. Where you always wanted to go? Far, far away from people shouting like pterodactyls. Far away from the commotion and noise. That place, where you can be happy by yourself and you don't need anything else to make you feel good.

Embrace the Storm
You are at peace and your mind and soul find solace in the silence of the woods, the depths of the ocean or up with the clouds. That place, so beautiful and pristine. It is so full of optimism, energy and good vibes that you don't feel exhausted. All that you want is achieved with ease. It calms and soothes you so that you don't feel like you've been working for an eternity and another eternity's work is still left to be completed. That place will take away all your fears and insecurities.
All the pains of the past will be forgotten.

Travel, so that you may find answers to your questions. Travel so that your soul may be liberated.

Travel as often as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Because life isn't meant to be lived in one place.

Love and Peace,